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Product Description:
PDT Bio Light blue light acne therapy machine LED Omega Facial Rejuvenation Machine. The PDT beauty machine we produce that use LED light to solve the skin problems. Irradiation 420nm-640nm a variety of specific wavelengths can get the skin collagen regeneration, calm the skin. The use of excellent high-strength special near-infrared SMD LED components to achieve excellent results. Improve the general laser treatment problems of thermal damage, light aging and trauma and other risks. Safe, no pain.
Technology Data :
4 Lights PDT Therapy Machine
Item numberPDT-01
LED Power32W
Light colourRed (640nm±5nm), Green (532nm±5nm) Blue (423nm±5nm) ,Yellow ( 583nm±5nm)
Led Quantity287 pcs
Input VoltageAC100-240V
Work VoltageDC12V
LED Lifetime>50000hrs
Weight2.50 kgs
Advantages & Feature:
  1. Do not need to take drugs or smear drugs can also be safe and convenient for treatment
  2. For pregnancy or complications such as taking drugs are not easy to worry about the absorption of patients can also be safe to use
  3. Antibiotics, drug resistance is not very good effect of patients is also very good
  4. Treatment time is short, quick result
  5. The treatment process is mild, almost no side effects that make the skin feel sensitive
  6. It’s not only effective for acne, facial red, smallpox in India, pores, remove blackheads, cuticle and so on. You can see all the skin will be better results at the same time.
  7. From the fundamental treatment of sebaceous glands.