Skin Analyzer

Category : Laser & Machines

This skin analyzer machine can take high-resolution photos of face under 3 different spectrum, RGB light, UV light and polarized light, then analysis the face according to our company’s unique technology – MXC graphics algorithm, 7 major skin problems will show up here accurately, including surface spots, wrinkles, pores, sebum & acne, UV spots, deep spot and sensitive area. Clients can know about their skin problems more intuitively and better cooperate with doctor treatment, make before & after pictures comparison by using care products or accepting laser treatment.
Function :
  1. Wrinkles
  2. Deep Spots
  3. Surface Spots
  4. Sebum
  5. Pores
  6. Sensitives Area
  7. Acne
Technical Parameters :
SpectrumRGB Light, UV Light, Polarized Light
Pixel20 Megapixel
Dimensions50 * 38* 47cm
Net Weight5 Kg
Voltage100V-230V, 50HZ-60HZ