Vertical – Diode Laser Machine

Category : Hair Removal Laser Machines

The instrument is used for any skin and parts for professional hair removal The 755 + 808 + 1064 wavelength can stimulate the body for the skin layer, subcutaneous hair all outside the organization, in order to achieve a one-time removal of the skin, not newborn. In the working state, the laser head cooling capacity per second is about 300W, which the strongest hot laser cannot feel.

The most popular 755nm diode laser which replace the solid state alexandrite diode laser and have a more comfortable treatment. It is effective for melanin to absorb 755nm diode laser. This characteristic is good for vellas hair removal when people use 755nm diode laser treatment handle. And the treatment time is getting shorter. It is effective for white or golden hair.


Using the theory of selective optical absorption, 808nm can be preferentially absorbed by the melanin of the hair. And then the hair shaft and hair follicle are heated rapidly in order to destroy the oxygen- supply organization of and around the hair follicle.


New experience for specialized darker skin hair removal 1064nm laser, 1064nm wavelength hair removal treatment will be safer especially for dark skin, skin rejuvenation. performance well, and strong power cooling function, treatment comfortable and safe. It is for dark skin type patients.

Parameters :
Model NoJP – Diode I (V)JP – Diode II (V)
Spot Size15*17mm15*28mm
Laser TypeTriple Wavelength LaserTriple Wavelength Laser
Wavelength808nm + 755nm + 1064nm808nm + 755nm + 1064nm
Laser Shots20 Million30 Million
Energy0 ~70J/cm20 ~120J/cm2
Warranty1 Year + 1 AMC1 Year + 1 AMC
ApplicationHair Removal, Fast Hair Removal, Skin RejuvenationHair Removal, Fast Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation
Laser Cooling LiquidDistilled WaterDistilled Water