Hydra Facial Serum

Category : Products

Functions :
  1. Skin caring
  2. Deep cleansing
  3. Blackhead removing
  4. Moisturizing
  5. Skin Rejuvenation
  6. Hydrotherapy
AS1 For Normal Skin :
  1. Plant extract, remove kerati- nous sebum
  2. Mild without stimulation
  3. Moisturizing
  4. Promotes collagen regenera- tion and Repairs skin.
AS2 is Suitable For Fatty, Acne Skin :
  1. Salicylic acid, Used for oily skin, Strong Cleaning
  2. Mild and non-irritating
  3. Effective moisturizing, lock- ing skin activity
  4. Easy acne and aging
A03 Glycerin Lotion for All Skin Types :
  1. Vitamin C nutrition Repair damaged cells
  2. Mild and non-irritating
  3. Improve skin immunity
  4. Replenishes water and inhib- its melanin to provide skin nutrition